Beholder in the Beauty

by Out of Dust

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Beholder in the Beauty: Out of Dust V
Featuring Gilad Atzmon (saxophone)
The bands fifth release of 2015 fully mixing genres from movie sound track noir/spoken word, world music, and acid jazz.


released August 23, 2015

Out of Dust
Featuring: Gilad Atzmon (saxophone/poetry)
Garry Lindon: fretless bass
Mark Elshout: trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, trombone
Eric Wiegmann: drums/ spoken word
Vladimir Jocic: guitar
Garry Lindon: Mixing/Mastering Loopline Studios
Production: Garry Lindon, Mark Elshout, Eric Wiegmann
Poetry for this album comes from Gilad Atzmon's book "My One and Only Love" 2005 Saqi Books: used with permission.
Cover design: Eric Wiegmann
Logo Design: Matthew Lindon
Recorded @ Studio 246 Osaka, Japan 2015
Loopline Records 2015



all rights reserved


Gakudan Hige Danshaku Osaka, Japan

Hazukashi Studios Kyoto Japan
Loopline Records Osaka, Japan

Out of Dust
Urban Trio
Global Quintet
Gakudan Hige DanShaku

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Track Name: The Wishing Well
From "My One and Only Love" by: Gilad Atzmon Saqi Books 2005
used with permission
I salute the memory of your lips
Adorable pieces of meat
I rise to my full height in the memory of your wounded eyes
Creasing your brows you robbed my nights forever
It happened thousands of years ago
Possibly before I was born
I loved you since time began
And I'll probably love you from my grave
I pound the pavement in memory of your waist
Rubenesque love handles
I goose-step in memory of your soft hips
Creasing your brows, you robbed my liberty forever
It happened last night
Actually I was born yesterday
I know that I will love you til tomorrow
Or even the day after tomorrow
Track Name: The Admiral Salutes
My One and Only Love
From "My One and Only Love" by: Gilad Atzmon Saqi Books 2005
used with permission
My One and Only Love
Like a dimwit I cheer on my way down
She feeds me with utter lies
I am a slave to her dishonesty
A platoon in a parade of contempt
I am the knight of mud
The greatest admiral of decaying pride
A worm
A maggot
I live in a shell
I'll never come out
And you can all F*ck off
Track Name: The Soundtrack of You
From "My One and Only Love" by: Gilad Atzmon Saqi Books 2005
used with permission
She surfs in my body
From the bottom of my heart to the tip of my horn and back again
Sometimes she takes a break
In my pancreas she drinks her coffee
Sometimes she stops for a sandwich around my kidneys
In her absence I am happy for a short while
I think that I might have freed myself
But within seconds she is back on the move
Floating in my blood vessels
She is heavy
She scratches my insides
I am bleeding to death
And she is happy
Track Name: Light as a Feather
Bambi & Bambina
From "My One and Only Love" by: Gilad Atzmon Saqi Books 2005
used with permission
I am in a hurry to my love in Kandlahary
I fly like a bird
Isn't it absurd
I am in a hurry to visit Kandlahary
When I see her I take her for a curry
I am in a rush
Wasting all my cash
Here he is my Bambi
All fine and dandy
Here he is my love
Who takes to the air like a peaceful dove
Here he is light as a feather
Believe me live couldn't be better